Script de création et maintient d'un miroir Slackware local
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slackmirror is a simple bash script written by Doug Le Tough.

  • This script will : Automatically mirror the choosen version of a slackware hierarchy tree on to you computer using rsync.

  • Requirements : This script should run with any standard Slackware installation and you will need these softwares installed : rsync

Installation instructions :

Copy and paste to your favorite text editor the following source code

1 - Save it where it suits you (ie. /usr/local/bin/

As root user, make it executable with this command line : chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

2 - Browse the source code and define the following variables to suit your needs :

  • VERSION : The Slackware version number you want to mirror (actually 14.2). This could be set to current if needed.
  • REMOTE_URL : The distant rsync folder from the script will get the files (default value should be good for everyone)
  • LOCAL_REP : The local folder where the script will synchronize with the slackware current tree

You can also exclude some folders from the synchronization process by setting successive --exclude parameters (see example on the commented line #29).

3 - That's all folks

Usage :

The script need some mandatory arguments to run properly :

The script allow you to synchronize with the 32 bits and the 64 bits Slackware tree :

This is done by giving the -32 parameter for 32 bits or the -64 parameter for 64 bits to the : -32

or -64

You can synchronize both 32 bits and 64 bits slackware tree under the same directory (LOCAL_REP) without any problem.

This script is released under the WTFPL 2.0 and you can send me an email for :

  • Bug reports
  • Suggestions
  • Insults
  • Whatever reasons you want

to : (replace by a valid @)