Un gestionnaire en Curses de machines virtuelles pour KVM/Libvirt
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Python/Curses user interface to libvirt.

1 - Licence:

The license is not fixed yet

3 - Goal:

This project aims to be a convenient UI for libvirt usable from a terminal and thus via ssh.

4 - Prerequities:

a - An Unix-like system (Linux/BSD/MacOSX/...)
    Due to some limitations of the underlying operating system, 
    Windows is *NOT* supported by this software. Never the less,
    this software has not been tested with Windows, you may be lucky.

b - A terminal or a terminal emulator such xterm able to display 
    colors and supports least a 40 lines X 150 columns resolution.
    This software will work nicely with terminal multiplexers like
    screen or tmux.

c - Python 2.7.x
    This Program will simply *NOT* run with Python3 but may be converted if necessary.

d - The python-curses module (should be part of standard python installation).

e - The python-libvirt module (pip install libvirt).

f - The python-appdirs module (pip install appdirs).

g - This *IS* the G spot.