Interface à sbopkg ( permettant la résolution de dépendances entre paquets
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What is ?

A simple pyhton script allowing Slackware users to recursively retrieve all dependencies from a package name and install it in RIGHT ORDER using sbopkg

How to use it ?

At first, set the following variables accordingly to your setup:

SBO_EXE = '/usr/sbin/sbopkg'
SBO_PATH = '/var/lib/sbopkg'
  • SBO_EXE: Should be left as-is if you installed sbopkg as intended by its creators.
  • SBO_PATH: Must have same value as REPO_ROOT in /etc/sbopkg.conf.
  • SBO_BRANCH: Must be set to "-git" if you are using Slackware-current. Otherwise must be left empty.
  • SLACKWARE_VERSION: Must be left empty if you are using Slackware-current. Otherwise must be the same version number as found in /etc/slackware-version.

Then as root user run from CLI: <package name>

How this works ?

The search for and parse the <package name>.info file and retrieve all the package names at the REQUIRES line.

Once done, it do the same for all retrieved package names.



Copy file somewhere in the root $PATH (/usr/local/bin is a good choice)


This software is published and copyrighted by Doug Le Tough ( and released under the W.T.F.P.L.

A copy of the W.T.F.P.L is available in the LICENSE.txt file that should accompany this source code.

For further information about the WTFPL please visit